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shown at left...
Goodyeara pubescens

Although I had planned to do an update last week while on vacation, I neglected to put the new image files in a place where I could access them.

There are about 25 species in the benus Goodyeara, scattered across the globe. Four are found on this continent. For those who live in the temperate eastern US, Goodyeara pubescens is a common orchid of mixed forests. The flowers of our native "jewel orchids" are not at all showy. It is the rosettes of delicately veined, evergreen foliage that command attention. Like many native orchids, it does not do well in cultivation. No worry because it is widespread across its range and generally easy to find. As many times as I have seen Downy Rattlesnake Plaintain in the Appalachains I have never been in the right place at blooming time. Although late in the season, last week I finally found a plant with a few flowers remaining.

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