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Palmer Orchids is located near Bradenton, Florida, where the warm gulf breezes and mild winters provide an ideal climate for year-round growth that produces sturdy, early blooming orchids. We scoure the orchid centers of the world in order to stay up-to-the-minute with developing breeding trends and offer you the very latest hybrids as well as unusual species from around the globe. Our twenty-five years of experience growing species and hybrids from all major genera is your assurance of receiving healthy, vigorous plants. Each plant is inspected before shipping, each order is carefully packed to ensure safe delivery. Browse through our current offerings.....
you're sure to find orchids that satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

Florida native, Cyrtopodium punctatum blooming under the oaks at Palmer Orchids


22700 Taylor Drive
Bradenton. FL 34202
ph: (941) 322-1644   -   fax: (941) 322-2643



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