These miniature Oncidiums come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are rewarding and easy to grow. The hybrids are created from parents which are "twig" epiphytes in nature and require a fast-draining potting medium. We grow them in small 2" or 2-1/2" clay pots with a few pieces of small charcoal. Other choices might be lava rock or Aliflor. The main thing is to choose a medium that allows them to dry out quickly after a watering. They are adaptable as far as light requirements and will grow equally well with Phalaenopsis or Cattleyas. Temperature requirements are intermediate to warm. After initial bloom, do not cut the flower spike because these Oncidiums will throw secondary spikes after the first flush of flowers providing an extended blooming period often lasting two months or more.

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E Q U I T A N T     O N C I D I U M S
$7.50 each  -  10 for $60  -  50 for $250
Km-343 Onc. Talisman  White skirt with red blotches. dark petals w/ white margin
KM-344 Onc. Thriller x Onc. Spiffy Nice yellow w/ red brown center
KM-346 Onc. Private Stock  Pink skirt w/ heavy red spotting
KM-347 Onc. Fan Dancer  Nice pink flower w/ fine darker spotting on skirt
KM-349 Onc.Tom Wilson 'Richella'   Deep pink to red. multiple upright flowers
KM-350 Onc Stunner 'Richella' AM/HOS   White skirt w. red brown spotting
KM-357 Onc. Passionata Red 'Galaxy'  carmine pink skirt.yellow center and pink petals
KM-358 Onc. Sniffen 'Jennifer Dauro'FCC/AOS white skirt w/purple spots,red brown petals
KM-364 Onc Tom Wilson'Velvet Ruby' HCC/AOS  Very large solid red, upright stems
  Onc. Orchid World 'Robsan'  yellow skirt w/ red markings
  Onc. Irene Gleason 'Majong'  white skirt w/pink/brown markings
  Onc.Golden Sunset 'Waiomao'  yellow w/ brkown markings
  Onc.Memoria Ralph Yagi'Heritage'  pink skirt w brown markings
  Onc. Golden Sunset 'Fantasy'  red w/pink markings
  Onc Vorarat Belle 'Sweet Dream'  white w/ pink-brown center


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