Groomingspray-type orchids
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Grooming Phalaenopsis and other spray-type orchids involves the same principles. Dead material should be carefully removed and leaves should be cleaned. Diane Davis of The Orchid Plantation offers these suggestions on staking Phals. for best flower presentation---->

"For showing I stake all my Phals, even the ones with short spikes. I start staking when the inflorescence is about 12" or when the bottom internode is firm enough to be tied. Subsequent ties are added as the inflorescence grows taller. Bamboo stakes are used because they give more support than wire. Inflorescences are staked straight. The last tie is placed at one to two nodes from the first flower to open, to allow for a graceful arch. The first flower to open on a standard Phal., should be the highest point of the inflor- escence. This allows for all flowers to be seen. It is rather unsightly and distracting to see a section of spike higher than the flowers. Phalaenopsis spikes grow towards the strongest light source, so the plants should be oriented accordingly. In my greenhouse all the Phals. face the light source which is south. Changing the direction of the light will twist the inflorescence resulting in crooked flowers."
Sometimes it may be neccessary to use a stake that offers more support. Special stakes that slip over the edge of the pot meet this requirement as do bamboo or other wooden stakes.
The left inflorescence on this Oncidium was properly staked whereas the stake used for the right-hand inflorescence was too short. It can be impossible to correct these type problems after all the flowers are all open.
Dead leaf tips should be cut off soft-leaved Oncidiums by gently bending the leaf before making the cut with a clean pair of scissors.
This technique will produce a cut that is more in keeping with the natural appearance of the plant.

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