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Here are more exhibit photos! Use this Idea Book as inspiration for your next exhibit or as examples of do's and don'ts. We make no attempt to be objective and all opinions are those of the editor. If you click on a thumbnail photo a large photo will appear in a pop-up window - please close the pop-up before proceeding.
This exhibit at the 1999 Ft. Lauderdale orchid show embodies all of the qualities that make up an award-winning orchid exhibit. The arched wall openings make interesting "windows" that beckon us to peer through them. This approach adds depth by creating several planes for the exhibit. RF Orchids.
Although our creativity may motivate us to do something radically "artsy" - these attempts usually go right over the judges' heads and we can't figure out why nobody appreciated our creativity. Keep it simple? 
Although the geese are flying, this exhibit never would have in most areas of the US - too many props, too distracting. Orchids must predominate ! ! ! Shreveport 1999
High-quality flowers can overcome nearly every other shortcoming an exhibit might have. This simple exhibit by the Eric Young Foundation at the 16th World Orchid Conference in Vancouver was stunning due to the gorgeous Phrags and Odonts. 
Despite the somewhat "Halloween" look (complete with dry-ice 'smoke') of this exhibit by Soroa Orchids at the 1999 Miami Show the dark setting provided a perfect backdrop for the beautiful Phals.
Nice educational exhibit of blue Cattleyas at the 1999 Shreveport show put in by Carol Granier. Although  exhibits featuring diverse genera are favored by judges, educational exhibits such as this also have their place and are always appreciated by the public.
Another exhibit with an educational theme at the 16th WOC featured three magnificent specimens (and color varieties) of Cymbidium lowianum. Created by Santa Barbara Orchid Estate.
Although judges favor exhibits featuring diverse genera, educational exhibits which may focus on a particular species or genus are popular with the public and can also be recognized by the AOS for their educational merit.
This "pink bathtub" contains the orchids nicely....maybe too nicely. Architectural props must be used with care to prevent creating a sterile contrived look to an exhibit. Soroa Orchids - Ft, Lauderdale 1999.
The Taiwan Sugar Corporation's exhibit at the 16th WOC in Vancouver was the crown jewel of the show. Hundreds of white Phalaenopsis blooms in individual crystal vases were suspended from an arched bower. The illusionary reflecting pool added to breathtaking beauty of the exhibit. Exhibits such as these are beyond the reach of hobbyists, nonetheless they can provide inspiration.
Tree stumps can provide an excellent place to display that special specimen.
Different regions have different traditions as far as exhibits. Some are more tolerant of the use of props, there are pet peeves in other regions. If you are a first-time exhibitor be sure to familiarize yourself with local custom.
Simple props, good depth, a few specimen plants plus the overall high quality of the flowers garnered Carib Plants Inc. best-of-class at the 1999 Miami Show.
A nicely-shaped tree limb provides an intereting perch for cut flowers from Venezuela. Simlicity such as this allows thr flowers to be the center of interest.
Often one large specimen plant can provide a center of interest for a whole exhibit and props may be kept to a minimum.
Don't allow yourself to get carried away with the show theme as in this exhibit at the 1999 Miami Show. The theme was "A Magical Journey of Orchids". It is a mistake to try to illustrate the theme with props, orchids must predominate ! ! 
Tasteful tabletop exhibit by the Quebec OS at the 16th WOC. Almost resembling an "orchids in use" display, the containers offer a way to create an exhibit using a minimal amount of flowers.
Another WOC exhibit using containers was that of Motes Orchids. The screen background and bamboo plants stands work well for the vandaceous orchids being displayed.
"Best Society Tabletop Exhibit" at the 1999 Shreveport show. Tastefully created by the Houston Orchid Society. Minimal props and dark background set of the flowers nicely. Keep in mind that some regions frown on using variegated foliage plants.


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