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Creating award-winning orchid exhibits eludes the grasp of many: They feel that they are not "artistic" enough. Although being an artist may help, it is not a neccessary prerequisite for putting together a beautiful...even an award-winning exhibit. An understanding of AOS judging criteria is fundamental if you seek official recognition of your efforts. Of course it helps if you have a selection of high quality orchids and a little imagination. Here you'll find guidelines for determining the number of orchids and foliage plants you'll need, suggestions on groundcover materials, an explanation of color flow, staging techniques, a checklist so you won't forget that one important item AND a Master Class with award-winning exhibit designer, Woody Robbins. Many pages are designed so they may be printed and used as reference on site while the Master Class is clearly illustrated for enhanced understanding. We even provide a link to the AOS schedule of upcoming orchid events.

If you are a member of an orchid society and scheduled to be putting in an exhibit at a show this year now you can be the hero. If you have been lurking in the background lacking the neccessary confidence to take the plunge, read these pages. Exhibit work can be dirty, tiring, fun and very rewarding. If you are a student judge there is useful information for you here as well. Use the checklist, it is tested. If you are a hobby grower who has been considering doing an exhibit someday, now is the time. The information is here. note: please disable your popup blocker - several pages use popup windows for detail photos. 

AOS point scale for judging exhibits

master class with Woody Robbins

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color flow

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